Joe Forest has a huge history of success training riders and horses to national wins since 1973. Many horses trained here went on to win national titles. He also coached the Colby Sawyer College team, winning two national championships and two reserves. Joe has been instrumental in the industry for promoting well-trained horses of all levels of training, at home and at shows. In addition, he has been a course designer for many years. Since 1999 Joe and Patty have imported over thirty Irish Sport Horses, all of which are competing on the A circuit.



Patty Forest has been working with Joe since 1981. She has shown hunters, jumpers, eventing and foxhunted, a well-rounded horsewoman. Patty teaches people to ride with finesse and expects your personal best at all times. In addition to coaching and teaching, Patty keeps the nuts and bolts tightened on the financial and managerial aspect of the farm. If you need information, she’s your contact. If she can’t answer your question, she will find someone who can.

Horton's Farm in the fall