When it’s time for your horse to go to their first show we often don’t enter a class, but show the horse the grounds, the commotion, if appropriate long line and/or ride in the warm-up. If you have a hunter or jumper ready to show, we usually show one level lower than we school at home. We take advantage of the warm-up day to assess if the horse is actually ready to enter a class.

We spend the first show season learning to travel, stable over, warm up and hack around the grounds, get braided and show in their suitable class. This is usually the four-year-old year if we have three-year-olds they will warm up and try to do a flat class or two.

Dressage horses going to their first show, don’t necessarily show one level below what they are schooling at home, it just depends on the individual horse. Our goal is to get your horse confident working in a show atmosphere.

We can educate your horse and give them experience. We will also help you show your horse, whether it’s coaching, or doing the warm-ups or first ride.

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