A horse shown in hand is judged on conformation, way of going, type, manners and suitability to become a dressage horse/ hunter or jumper. Your gorgeous yearling colt that shows an incredible extension at the trot while playing in the pasture, has to learn to move like that in hand, without playing, cantering, or dragging the handler.

The judge wants to see brilliance. It’s hard to do in new surroundings with many distractions, so in order to get those high scores you need to plan and spend one to two months getting your youngster ready.

In general, the judges understand youngsters, and put up with some playfulness, but the bottom line is the colt needs to be brilliant at the trot in hand in order to get the high score. And that takes practice.

We have many years of experience showing in hand, with national winners. Plan your show schedule and contact us to schedule training. It will make the difference.